Gary Gorrow

“Nic is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I’ve ever met. Just being in his presence leaves you feeling uplifted, so when you combine this exuberance with his holistic knowledge of the physiological, nutritional, psychological and spiritual elements it takes to thrive, you have a coach of the highest order at your disposal.”

– Gary Gorrow, Vedic meditation teacher and mentor

Letty Mortenson

“I have been training with Nic since 2007. To have been a part of balanced studio from the beginning is an honour. I think Nic is different from any other Personal trainer I have encountered. He makes an effort to know what is going on in your body, and has put years of study into his field. He has been a big influence on me in my whole life, from how I eat and move to my thought process and how I perform under pressure situations. With the surfing that I do, I need a trainer who really knows the manoeuvres I do and the strengthening that I need in order to achieve certain things, and Nic knows exactly that. In recent times my surfing coach, and sponsors alike have noticed a huge difference in my surfing, for the better, and now that I have grown a lot, we have been able to really push my training and take it to a higher level, which has been an exciting journey, which will continue for years to come. I feel very lucky that I have partnered up with Nic as not only a personal trainer, but also as a life coach.”

– Letty Mortenson, Professional Surfer

Lizzie Collis
“I ‘crashed’ into Balanced Studio some 5 years ago suffering from stress and a host of other health issues.  Since then, through both private and class sessions, Nic Laidlaw has both addressed these problems and has helped me grow into a better way of living.  He is open and ever-evolving, with fresh ideas that he has explored and tested personally.  His awareness of the environmental and its impact on us, and vice versa, is reflected in his work and sessions are in tune with the natural world.  The wide range of age groups and individuals that attend and enjoy his sessions are testament to his inclusivity and ability.  He has built a strong, holistic and energetic community that supports one another.   All done with a patience, at my speed and with a smile!  Thank you Nic, I think you’re ACE!”

– Lizzie Collis, happy client since 2010

Rita Kluge“Balanced Studio is exactly the type of business I enjoy working with, when I send my patients to Balanced I know that they are in safe and knowledgable hands. They are people who I can work with to achieve the best results for our clients. The training is safe, functional and appropriate for a lot of the injuries and ailments that I deal with as a body works therapist.”

– Rita Kluge, BodyWorks Physiotherapy & Osteopathy