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What you can expect from a class at Balanced Studio?

We believe that movement is an expression of what your body is capable of, Movement should be creative, challenging and most definitely it should be fun.

A dream of ours at Balanced Studio is to educate our clients that movement is not just an obligation to turn up to 2-3 classes per week and you’re done, movement should spill into your everyday life as much as possible, we want people to become more aware of their bodies in a day to day interaction and for people to build a relationship with their bodies and inner systems. As a population we all need to move more and efficiently with freedom and with greater pleasure.

Some principles for of the classes at Balanced Studio include:

Longevity: A goal in our own movement practice is to be training, playing and moving until we die, that means to have a long term outlook on the information we are putting into our system. The movement we teach is conducive to being strong and supple for a long time, not just for the Instagram photo!

Fun: The element of play has long been lost in our society and it is the very nature of our race to be creative and interactive in everything that we do. Bringing play and partner work into our classes has proven to strengthen the community and make exercise more fun while still getting effective information into the body.

Stability/ Alignment: We all have patterns and habits fall into our daily experiences. We are trained to spot these in our classes and balance out the system by softening areas of the body that are too tight and strengthening areas that are not strong enough.

Coordination / Rhythm: With an increase in coordination and rhythm there is an increase in efficiency, meaning that we are teaching the body to become more adaptable and to express strength without undue effort. The co-ordination really fires up the nervous system and creates elasticity in the body and brain. These elements ultimately create a more intelligent system that is adaptable to life situations.

We’ve provided a few videos and details of what you can expect from the classes at Balanced Studio below.

Movement Flow

The Flow class is based on creating more softness in the body, learning ways to actively mobilise, loosen up stagnation and learn patterns that prime the body in order to move more efficiently.

We will teach you floor work, partner work, rhythmic patterns and games to stimulate increased awareness and flow in the system.

Movement Strength

The Strength class will help to build a structure that is resistant to injury and strong from the inside out. We use primal patterns such as bending, lunging, squatting, pushing, pulling and twisting to teach the body how to be strong as well as highly functional.

Using techniques from corrective exercise and alignment, gymnastics strength training as well as getting your body strong in less usual ways. This class is the highest intensity session that we run at the studio.

Back Care

The Back Care class is limited to 8 people. We work closely with the bodies inner unit, increasing our awareness of the deep helping muscles that connect our body and help us more correctly, efficiently and pain free.

Restorative Movement

The Restorative class will have you floating out of the studio feeling open, soft and ready for bed. This is for anyone who needs to stretch out, de-stress the system, restore flow and energy back to the body. In the Restorative class we use techniques from yoga, Feldenkrais, and “working in” methods.

To join a class at Balanced Studio, there is NO level of fitness/health required.

Please notify us before coming so that we can facilitate to your needs and create a safe, fun experience for you.

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