Our Offering

Whether it’s 1:1 coaching and wellness programs, group classes, seasonal intensives or our monthly workshops, Balanced Studio has something to offer you.

Everyone is welcome at Balanced Studio and we offer personalised training, intimate group classes, learning opportunities and an open, honest and fun approach to health and wellness.
We take pride in having a truly holistic and integrated approach when looking at the human body. The human being is a physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual centre and in order to implement lasting changes in your life all of these areas must be addressed and balanced. Seeing an individual as a “system of systems” helps us to see where the symptoms of an ailment in the body may be generated from and allows us to offer a specific and tailored programme to ensure the systems are all working in perfect harmony.

Exercise and lifestyle coaching

Each individual is just that and therefore needs to be treated as such. You are a unique being and we will ensure your wellness program is tailored specifically for you. Our one-to-one coaching plan will take you through a thorough assessment protocol covering several interconnected aspects. It delves into your posture, core strength, specific movement patterns, muscle balance as well as assessing your physical, chemical, emotional and environmental stresses in the system which can greatly impact on the style of physical training that is appropriate for you.

Group Training

A great way to experience Balanced Studio and our fantastic community. 
Classes in the studio are limited to 8 attendees and follow a process of thoroughly stretching the body’s tight areas, mobilising the joints and stabilising and strengthening common weaknesses found through clinical experiences. The functional training at Balanced Studio is safe, accessible to all levels of fitness and fun.
Group classes on offer range from back care and core work, functional movement and yoga sessions.

Seasonal Intensives

Each season we run a week long programme designed with the season in mind! Details on each intensive are circulated to our community so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media for upcoming events, dates and details.


Balanced Studio is all about that – Balance! Exercise is key, however, what you eat, how you think, how you move and interact with the world, people and nature also define who you are we are keen to help you achieve the perfect balance. We run regular workshops and have recently held and hosted some fantastic events including Fermenting Foods, Moving Meditation and Winter Warmers.

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