Balanced Studio offers Holistic Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching to anyone who is ready to discover real lasting health…

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Our Offering

Whether it’s 1:1 coaching and wellness programs, group classes, seasonal intensives or our monthly workshops, Balanced Studio has something to offer you.

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Our People

All coaches and teachers at Balanced Studio have had their own unique journey towards health and are true embodiment of the teachings they impart.  

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“Nic is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I’ve ever met. Just being in his presence leaves you feeling uplifted, so when you combine this exuberance with his holistic knowledge of the physiological, nutritional, psychological and spiritual elements it takes to thrive, you have a coach of the highest order at your disposal.” – Gary Gorrow, […]

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How our thoughts are so powerful that they can affect our health and posture… There is an old saying that a friend of mine once told me, “Your body is your mind in 3D” He told this to me at a time when I was experiencing intense lower back pain as well as what I would […]

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Early to bed, early to rise. How getting to bed on time can have a great impact on your overall health. “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”, Thomas Dekker, English dramatist (1572 – 1632). We all know how good it feels to wake up fully rested, springing out of […]

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How it affects your mood, posture and essentially every aspect of the human body If you are looking for health and wellness, vitality, increased energy, improved digestion or clarity and peace of mind, it’s essential that we consider how we breathe. We must cycle our breath to give us life. Without it we have but […]

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